Making Your Outdoor Wedding Accessible and Safe for all Guests


Part of planning a successful outdoor wedding is taking into consideration the accessibility requirements of all guests. This includes young children, senior citizens, and those with mobility issues. To make your wedding enjoyable for all, your wedding plan must account for the needs of these individuals..


Location Considerations
If your ceremony or reception is being held outdoors, chances are you'll be using an event-sized tent as a venue. If you aren't, you should definitely consider renting a tent – don't let your wedding get rained out or ruined by the elements!

Grass can become slippery when wet. Slopes and uneven ground can create problems for guests using mobility assistance devices. Clearly defined, dry, level paths to popular areas, including washrooms and parking, can alleviate some of these challenges. Also take into consideration the contour of the ground in terms of drainage. This is especially important if it rains. There's nothing worse than your guests, in formalwear no less, having to walk through a giant puddle to get to the washrooms. Placing your ceremony, event tent, and washrooms strategically will help prevent these concerns.

Light Up the Night

Paths need to be more than just accessible. The entire event area, including paths, needs to be well lit to facilitate easy movement. Guelph Tent Rentals offers lighting solutions to help shed some light on your wedding day.

Keep it Child-Friendly

If your wedding will be host to children, it's important to keep their safety in mind. Make sure your event doesn't feature items that could harm young guests. Things like candles, decorations, or hot plates that could be knocked over and cause injury. Keep these out of reach. Also be wary of any open water or natural hazards near your event. Excited children could venture out and explore. Careful planning, along with adult supervision, will make your wedding safe and fun for kids and adults alike.

Loud and Clear

Unfortunately, an outdoor setting can cause wind and other noise to interfere with sound equipment. This can mean your guests, and especially those with hearing issues, may not be able to properly hear your ceremony or reception. Your best bet is to thoroughly test sound equipment before the event. Professionals with the right equipment can ensure that everything is clear and audible for your big day. Your wedding isn't accessible if it can't be heard!

Plan Well, Then Enjoy Your Day

The great outdoors can set the stage for a truly exceptional wedding day. Planning for your guests' safety and accessibility will help ensure a smooth-running and fun wedding day for both you and your guests. With a few less problems to worry about, you and your significant other can relax and enjoy the day.

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