Planning the Paperwork for an Outdoor Wedding


When you're planning your special day, the last thing on your mind is probably paperwork. You're focused on the dress, the flowers and the party – deservedly so! However, for outdoor weddings especially, it's important to take care of the fine print.

Without the right procedures in place, your wedding could end up not happening at all. Here are some logistics you need to consider when planning your outdoor wedding:

Tent Permits
If your ceremony or reception is being held outdoors, chances are you'll be using an event-sized tent as a venue. If you aren't, you should definitely consider renting a tent – don't let your wedding get rained out or ruined by the elements!

It's important to go with a tent rental company that can help you acquire the necessary permits from your local City Hall. For most events of 100 people or more, you'll need a permit that covers liability insurance. Permit fees are not included in the tent rental pricing. Additional charges will be applied.

Liquor Permits

If your wedding is taking place in Ontario, and you plan on serving alcohol, you'll require a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. You can find the application form here: Since a wedding is (typically?) invitation-only, apply for a Private Event SOP. If your wedding is open bar (where guests don't have to pay money for booze), the No Sale application fee is $25. If you plan on charging for drinks, the Sale fee is $75

Municipal By-Laws

Regardless of what city, town or county you live in, there are likely local by-laws that pertain to noise levels, garbage collection, photography, etc. For example, if you live in Guelph, Ontario, you cannot play music past 11 pm at a noise level "that is of such a volume or nature that it is likely to disturb the inhabitants of the City of Guelph." Make sure to do your research on outdoor event policies before finalizing your wedding timeline. The last thing you'd want is a City Official breaking up the party before it's had a chance to really get started!

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